Community Wellness through Art & Culture

We are a nonprofit organization promoting holistic healing and fostering social connection through arts, music & culture.

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Living With Wellness 2023 Highlights

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Healthy Eating Workshop Series

Nov 9, 2023


Jan 25, 2024

Health & Nutrition


Mindful Music Worshops

Aug 1, 2023


Oct 31, 2024


Weekly Series

Living With Wellness Festival 2023

Jun 3, 2023



Wellness Festival

Arts Festival 2024

The Biggest Arts & Wellness Festival in Mississauga

This event has ended.




Connecting Communities through Art & Culture

Our mission is to empower individuals to live a healthy and fulfilling life by providing access to resources that facilitate holistic wellness.

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Here from our attendees


I watched the Covid19 Wellness Series of Dr.Dawe, Medical Director & Program Chief, Mental Health last night. It’s very informative and I am so happy that I can participate in the Wellness Series organized by V Serve Canada abs ARRA Arts in collaboration with Trillium Health Partners. You and the organizations are doing an amazing service for the whole community and am so proud that I am sharing this journey with you. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sending all the You Tube links via Mailchimp newsletter.

Nimmi Papneja

Congratulations V Serve Canada and Anu Srivastava, for producing such an excellent Covid19 Wellness series in collaboration with Trillium Health Partners Foundation. I have watched, with great interest, most of these valuable talks since they have been aired in Asian Television Network Channel ATN Life and CBN. I applaud the efforts you are making to help the physical and mental health of the community through a series of talks with the health professionals and wellness experts. You have managed to connect the community and challenged population with professionals in various fields to answer relevant questions that have unnerved the public during these uncertain times, especially for those that have underlying health issues, as well as for their families. I am impressed with your pertinent questions that reflect the concerns of the general public. These have been answered and explained in a simple effective way by the Medical specialists, and other healthcare professionals that you brought to the forum. The fear and panic that people are experiencing, especially those with underlying health problems is enormous. So many wonderful, simple suggestion have been given how to maintain good health, diet, exercise and personal wellness. This is indeed a great service to the community! Thank you!


These past three years of my life have been extremely difficult and then the pandemic happened. I was stuck with my thoughts and in turn was left in a continuous cycle of negative thinking. However, these COVID-19 workshops encouraged me to seek out professional help to aid my mental health during this difficult time. Thank you so much VServe Canada and Trillium Health Partners for this initiative!